As a user, you enjoy the following features on

Our service extends from providing address and contact details of business establishments around the Users so that users should be quickly and conveniently able to find businesses and contacts details.

Fast and accurate search.

Detailed information on businesses to enable you to pick the business that most suits your requirements.

As a business, you can reach your customers whenever and wherever they are looking for you using our robust and cost-effective service. In addition to listing your business on our site, you can also

Add photos, videos, catalogues and menus

Add offers and announcements

Track the popularity of and manage your business listing

Our 'Free Listing' feature gives option to vendors a specified platform to showcase its detailed business/services and update facilities through our 'Rate & Review' feature. We then provide links of user's information via phone, SMS, web, App as well as create a chat up space for between the users and vendors to discuss and catch the offered/ best bargains in the market.